Olga Komleva, a Ufa activist, was detained in the criminal case of FBK

Olga Komleva, a Ufa activist, was detained in the criminal case of FBK

In Ufa, officers of the Police Center for Combating Extremism detained opposition activist Olga Komleva, her husband Vyacheslav said.

According to him, Komleva was taken to the Investigative Committee under the pretext of a coercive pretext for questioning in the case of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) of Alexei Navalny, recognized by the Russian authorities as an “extremist”. At the same time, the employees of Center “E” asked Komlev to collect “necessary things” with him.

Already in the department of the Investigative Committee, the activist was accused of participating in an extremist community, detained for 48 hours.

Olga Komlevoy, 45 years old. Before the ban on organizations created by Alexei Navalny, she worked as a volunteer in the Ufa politician’s headquarters. In 2021, the activist was fined for participating in rallies in support of Navalny.

In addition, Komleva cooperated with the publication RusNews, covering protest actions for it, in particular, the January mass protests in the Bashkir city of Baymak, which were caused by the verdict against the environmental activist Fail Alsynov.

  • On Wednesday, the Murmansk court sentenced local resident Vladimir Mamaev to seven days of arrest in an administrative case regarding the public display of “extremist symbols” due to the publication of Yulia Navalny’s video on the Internet. The court decision states that the video contains “photographs of a person who is the founder and leader of organizations that have been recognized as extremist and liquidated, and photographs of the wife of this person, who announces that she has made a decision to continue her husband’s work, and in fact calls on others to also support and continue this activity recognized as extremist”.
  • FBK founder Alexey Navalny died in the colony on February 16. His associates are sure that he was killed.
  • The Russian authorities have declared FBK and Navalny’s headquarters to be extremist. People who were somehow connected with them may face criminal prosecution.

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