“Party Rosta” announced that the website had been hacked. There was a text about “Putin’s oppression”

“Party Rosta” announced that the website had been hacked.  There was a text about “Putin’s oppression”

On the website of the “Party of Growth”, which is headed by the former Commissioner for Entrepreneurs’ Rights, Boris Tytov, a statement was published condemning the war in Ukraine and calling to “bring Russia out of Putin’s oppression.” The TV channel “Dozhd” drew attention to this. The press service of the “Dozhdu” party said that the site was hacked, and soon after that the text ceased to be available via the link. At the same time, the site itself stopped opening.

“Rain” publishes a screenshot of the material that was published on the “Party Rosta” website, as it is said, on September 24. In it, under the heading “Putin and his regime must become a thing of the past”, it is stated that party leader Boris Titov has allegedly decided to run for the presidential elections in 2024. It is said that the party congress allegedly approved this nomination (although the elections have not yet been scheduled, and there are no nominations of candidates).

“We know how to bring Russia out of Putin’s oppression and establish relations with the civilized world,” the text said, referring to Titov. To do this, it was proposed to end the war with Ukraine, restore its territorial integrity and apologize to the Ukrainians.

No one has yet taken responsibility for the alleged hacking of the site.

Businessman Borys Tytov participated in the 2018 presidential election, winning less than 1 percent of the vote. The same result was shown by the “Party Rosta” in the State Duma elections in 2021 (however, one deputy was elected from it – Oksana Dmytryeva in the single-mandate district). The party and Tytov have never publicly criticized the war with Ukraine. Recently, the media discussed the possibility of her association with the more successful “New People”.

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