Pro-Russian politician Ivo Peterson was arrested in Estonia

Pro-Russian politician Ivo Peterson was arrested in Estonia

Estonian police arrested pro-Russian politician Ivo Peterson. He and two of his associates are suspected of working for a foreign state. Under this article, detainees may face up to six years in prison.

As the Estonian media assume, the foreign state means Russia. Ivo Peterson is the leader of the pro-Russian movement Koos/”Together”. He repeatedly spoke in support of Kremlin policy. Peterson ran for the Estonian parliament, but did not get the required number of votes. Before the elections, he traveled to Donetsk, which was occupied by Russian troops, and appeared on the TV program of Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. On Solovyov’s broadcast, Peterson stated that Estonia needed a change of power through a popular uprising.

Two more arrested – Estonian citizen Dmitry Rootsy and Russian citizen Andrey Andronov, who cooperated with Peterson. All three were detained for up to two months.

Peterson’s closest associate, Koos member Oleg Ivanov, told Postimees that Koos activists would fight for his release. “And in general, we think that this arrest is a consequence of the hysteria that has been in the media all week,” Ivanov said. He confirmed that the members of the movement intend to establish a party, and what happened will not prevent it.

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