Putin again refused to participate in pre-election debates

Putin again refused to participate in pre-election debates

The current president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, who is serving his fifth term, has again refused to participate in pre-election debates. He never participated in them.

Putin’s election headquarters notified the Central Election Commission of the candidate’s refusal to receive free TV and radio broadcasts, which are allocated specifically for debates, the CEC reported.

The press secretary of the president, Dmitry Peskov, justified Putin’s departure from the discussion with his “busy schedule”, which “dramatically distinguishes” Putin from the other candidates.

Putin has never participated in pre-election debates, avoiding them under various pretexts. In different years, Putin called them “an unscrupulous affair”, uninteresting and meaningless, and Peskov said that for debates Putin needs a vacation and a competitor who “has not yet matured”.

The remaining candidates for the post of president in 2024 – Vladislav Davankov (“New People”), Leonid Slutsky (LDPR) and Nikolay Kharitonov (CPRF) – will exchange opinions on five federal state channels and three radio stations from February 19.

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