The FSB announced the detention of a Ukrainian allegedly for preparing sabotage

The FSB announced the detention of a Ukrainian allegedly for preparing sabotage

The Federal Security Service of Russia reported on the detention, as it is claimed, of an agent of the Ukrainian special services who was planning to sabotage a gas pipeline in the Leningrad region. The press service of the department is quoted by RIA “Novosti”.

The message says that the arrest occurred after law enforcement agencies received a signal about a suspicious person in the area of ​​the gas distribution station. According to the FSB, the detainee was a “foreign citizen, Ukrainian by nationality.”

RIA “Novosti” showed footage of the detainee’s interrogation, in which he allegedly admits that he was on the territory of Russia at the behest of the SBU in order to damage the pipeline. Allegedly, the Ukrainian special services indicated to him via Telegram the coordinates of the place where he was supposed to pick up the explosive device.

Personal data of the detainee are not disclosed in the FSB press release. A criminal case was initiated under the articles of sabotage and illegal trafficking of explosives.

At the same time, the United Press Service of the Courts of St. Petersburg writes that the city’s Dzerzhinsky District Court has arrested a citizen of Kazakhstan, Sergey Zazulya. The articles incriminating him coincide with the topics specified in the FSB press release.

The day before, the FSB reported on the detention of a Belarusian citizen born in 1998 in connection with the arson of an electrical substation in Tula. The message claims that he acted on the instructions of the Ukrainian special services, which he contacted through a criminal authority from Kharkov, Grisha Moskovsky.

In November, “Mediazona” calculated that since the beginning of the war, about 150 cases of sabotage had been opened. In six months, the number of accused doubled.

The number of cases began to grow especially quickly after the inclusion of new articles for subversive activities in the criminal code. The maximum punishment for them is life imprisonment.

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