Putin authorized the purchase of the assets of the Ukrainian billionaire Akhmetov

Putin authorized the purchase of the assets of the Ukrainian billionaire Akhmetov

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, authorized the Russian company “Luchshee Resheni” to acquire one hundred percent of the shares of the former coal assets of the Ukrainian billionaire Rynat Akhmetov. We are talking about joint-stock companies “Donskoy anthracite” and “Obukhovskaya Mining Administration”.

The official document signed by Putin states that the president’s order is issued in accordance with his own decree of August 2022 on “the application of special economic measures in the financial and fuel and energy spheres in connection with the unfriendly actions of some foreign states and international organizations.”

Kommersant publication writes that Rynat Akhmetov bought both companies in 2012. In May of last year, after the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, they allegedly transferred to one of Sberbank’s structures for debts.

According to EGRUL, in 2021 JSC “Shakhtoupravlenie “Obukhovskaya”” received revenue equivalent to 13 billion rubles and net profit in the amount of 2 billion.

Little is known about the joint-stock company “The Best Solution”. According to the media, it was registered in Moscow on November 1, 2022, the general director is Maxim Alimov, the authorized capital of the company is 4 million rubles.

  • Rynat Akhmetov is a native of Donetsk, one of the richest entrepreneurs in Ukraine, a billionaire. In many Ukrainian mass media, he was called a “pro-Russian businessman.” His business empire included more than 100 enterprises of the metallurgical and mining industries, the electric power and agricultural complex. Among other things, Akhmetov owned the metallurgical giant “Azovstal” in Mariupol, which was completely destroyed during the Russian assault on the city in 2022. After the start of the war, Akhmetov sharply condemned the actions of Vladimir Putin. A number of the businessman’s assets were arrested or nationalized by Russia in the territories occupied by it.
  • Last June, Akhmetov filed a lawsuit against Russia at the European Court of Human Rights. He asked to bring the country’s authorities to account for the destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure, looting and the export of export goods from Ukraine, including steel produced by his enterprises. For violation of property rights, Akhmetov demands compensation from Russia. At the same time, a little earlier the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi introduced sanctions against the “Zaporozhstal” plant, the main beneficiary of which is Akhmetov’s financial group. At Zaporozhstal, a procedure was launched to confiscate the share, which, as it is claimed, belongs to the Russian side.

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