Putin has already decided to run for office in 2024

Putin has already decided to run for office in 2024

Vladimir Putin has decided to remain in the post of President of Russia and will run for office in the upcoming presidential elections, the victory of which will ensure the extension of his powers until 2030. This is confirmed by the Reuters agency with reference to six unnamed sources.

In response to the publication, the press secretary of the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Putin has not announced his decision to run for office, and the elections themselves have not yet been scheduled. By law, the Federation Council must determine their date in the first half of December, the elections themselves will presumably be held on March 17. Putin previously said that he would announce his decision after the official election.

Agency sources claim that Putin’s decision is already known in the Kremlin, and advisers are now preparing a plan for his election campaign.

According to the sources, Putin’s supposed decision is due to the fact that he considers the current events, including the war in Ukraine, as Russia’s conflict with the West and feels that he needs to “lead Russia through the most dangerous in several decades.”

Vladimir Putin became president for the first time in 2000 and has four terms left (with a break for 2008-2012). Amendments to the Constitution adopted at the initiative of Putin himself allow him to run for the fifth term. As Reuters points out, Putin has already ruled the country longer than anyone in the last hundred years, with the exception of Joseph Stalin.

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