Relatives of one of the detainees in Bashkortostan reported his death

Relatives of one of the detainees in Bashkortostan reported his death

Ryfat Dautov died in Bashkortostan, who was detained in connection with protests against the sentence of activist Fail Alsynov. Dautov’s death after his arrest was reported in a telegram by his sister Zaliya, Alsynov’s lawyer Ilnur Suyundukov also writes about her. The causes of death are not yet clear, but it is known that Dautov died shortly after he was allegedly taken away by riot police.

At the same time, as follows from the words of his sister, Dautov did not participate in the protests – neither in Baimak, where Alsynov’s supporters clashed with the police, which the authorities characterized as riots, nor in Ufa on January 19. It is said that he was only in Ufa near the place where the action was held in the central square, but he did not participate in it himself. In the evening of January 19, a precinct officer came to him to deliver a warning, and on January 25, when he went outside the city, he was detained by people in the uniform of OMON fighters who “did not introduce themselves, it is unknown where they took” the detainee. After this, the relatives were invited to the Ufa morgue to identify Dautov’s body, but, as it is claimed, they were not allowed there, citing the lack of an investigator. They have not yet seen the body of the deceased.

The Telegram channel “Opersvodky RB” claimed that Dautov “died from surrogate alcohol administration and accompanying heart failure” shortly after his arrest. His sister, however, rejects this version, saying that he did not drink alcohol. The initiative group calls for sending appeals to the authorities with a request to investigate the circumstances of his death, writes OVD.Info. “According to the witnesses, at the time of detention Ryfat Dautov was in good health and there were no visible injuries on his body,” says the proposed writing template. Official representatives of law enforcement bodies have not yet commented on reports of the detainee’s death.

The day before, relatives of the Bashkir activist Dim Davletkildin, who took part in the protest action in Baymak, reported that he was in a serious condition due to a beating by police officers. This is reported by RusNews.

Davletkildin was detained on January 22, when he came to the police department on a summons. Then he was taken to Ufa. They did not allow a lawyer to visit him in the department. It is confirmed that now Davletkildin is in a serious condition in one of the Ufa hospitals. The authorities did not comment on this.

  • On January 17, the Baimak District Court of Bashkortostan sentenced the local activist, defender of Mount Kushtau, Fail Alsynov, to four years in a general regime colony on the charge of inciting hatred or enmity. He does not admit guilt.
  • Thousands of people gathered at the courthouse on the day the verdict was announced. They demanded the release of Alsynov. The police used tear gas and stun grenades, beat the demonstrators with batons. As a result of the action, several dozen people were detained. The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case under the articles of organization and participation in mass riots, as well as the use of violence against representatives of the authorities.

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