Relocation program: 800 companies “moved” during the year of the Great War

Relocation program: 800 companies “moved” during the year of the Great War

During the year of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war, 800 enterprises were relocated to safer regions under the relocation program, of which more than 600 resumed work.

Deputy Minister of Economy Tetyana Berezhna told about this, reports press service Ministry of Economy.

“Since the beginning of the war, 800 enterprises have been relocated from dangerous regions with the support of the state. Today, 623 enterprises are already working in a new place. For another 239, a suitable location or method of transportation is being searched for,” said Berezhna.

The deputy minister also noted that more than 650 enterprises that planned to relocate their facilities refused to relocate due to the de-occupation of the territories where they are located.

Some enterprises are returning to their previous places of work thanks to the improvement of the security situation there. We are talking about businesses from Kharkiv Oblast, Sumy Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast – there are already 44 such companies.

Most enterprises relocated to Lviv (24%), Zakarpattia (14.5%), Chernivtsi (9.8%), Ivano-Frankivsk (8.3%), Khmelnytsky (7.3%), Ternopil (6.3%) ) regions.

The relocation program continues to operate, Berezhna notes, although the number of requests has significantly decreased compared to March-April last year, when the number of applications reached thousands.

We remind you:

According to information as of November last year, under the relocation program, 772 enterprises were relocated from dangerous regions, which made it possible to preserve more than 35 thousand jobs.

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