RKN will block sites that explain how to bypass blocking

RKN will block sites that explain how to bypass blocking

The Government of Russia has authorized Roskomnadzor to block Internet resources that show how to bypass other blocks. The resolution is published on the official website of normative legal acts.

The Ministry of Digitization made a proposal to block such information on the Internet at the beginning of September. The agency proposed to expand the criteria by which access to sites is limited, including resources with “information about ways, methods of providing access to information resources and (or) information and telecommunication networks, access to which is limited on the territory of Russia.”

In addition, the Digital Ministry also regularly blocks VPN services that Russians use to access blocked sites.

  • Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russia has blocked more than a million sites, including social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as sites of independent mass media, including Radio Liberty. Russians use VPN anonymizers to bypass blocking. The demand for them has grown sharply since the beginning of the war. At the moment, more VPNs are used only in China than in Russia.

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