Rosfinmonitoring added “LGBT” to the list of extremists and terrorists

Rosfinmonitoring added “LGBT” to the list of extremists and terrorists


On Friday, Rosfinmonitoring added “International LGBT Movement” to the list of extremists and terrorists. Now his accounts in Russian banks must be blocked. It is not specified how exactly this can be done – the “international LGBT movement” does not exist as a single organization, it does not have a legal entity and, accordingly, there are no bank accounts.

In November 2023, the “International LGBT Movement” was declared extremist and banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme Court. The court decided that LGBT+ activists in the world share common features that can be considered participation in one movement.

After the ruling of the Supreme Court in Russia, repressions against any activity that law enforcement agencies or the public associate with LGBT+ have intensified. A number of police raids took place in clubs and bars where, presumably, people with non-traditional sexual orientation gathered. Some of these establishments have closed. Some non-profit organizations, engaged in the protection of the rights of LGBT people, as well as social and medical assistance, reported the termination of their activities.

The first criminal case for participation in an “extremist LGBT organization” was initiated this spring against the owners of the Pose club in Orenburg based on the denunciation of the head of the “League of Safe Internet” Ekaterina Myzulina. The administrator and art director of the Orenburg club Diana Kamilyanova and Alexander Klymov have been arrested. According to the mentioned article, they can face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

In January, a resident of Nizhny Novgorod was sentenced to five days of administrative arrest for wearing earrings in the form of colorful frogs. Visitors to the cafe where she had lunch saw rainbow colors in them (a flag in rainbow colors is an informal symbol of LGBT+ rights fighters).


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