Ruslan Zynin, who shot at the military commission, was sentenced to 19 years

Ruslan Zynin, who shot at the military commission, was sentenced to 19 years

On Friday, the 1st Eastern District Military Court sentenced Ruslan Zynin, who shot at the military commission after the mobilization in Russia, to 19 years in prison at a session in Irkutsk. The prosecutor’s office demanded a 20-year sentence.

Ruslan Zynin from the city of Ust-Ilymsk, Irkutsk region, was found guilty on charges of a terrorist act, as well as possession and conversion of weapons, reports Sibir.Realii.

At the end of September 2022, Zinin came to the Ust-Ilymsk military enlistment office with an old knife to, as he claimed, save his brother from being mobilized, and shot the military commissar, Alexander Eliseev. Tot was injured, he was discharged from the hospital after a month and a half.

According to the court’s decision, Zinin must spend the first seven years of his term in prison, and the remaining years in a high-security colony.

The day before, the accused told about the torture after his detention: during two days before the first interrogation by the investigator Zynin, according to him, he was kept in a cell in shackles, fixing his hands and feet, without the opportunity to go to the toilet.

  • In early March 2023, forest truck driver Ruslan Zinin was charged with terrorism. The article was reclassified as an attempt on the life of a law enforcement officer. The damage to the military enlistment office was estimated at more than a million rubles, the military commissar itself estimated the damage to the military commissar Alexander Eliseev at 3.5 million rubles.
  • Five days after the announcement of the so-called partial mobilization in Russia, Zinin came to the military enlistment office in Ust-Ilymsk with a sword. His younger brother received a summons, shortly before that, Zynin’s friend, a conscript who was 18 years old, was reportedly killed in the war in Ukraine. At the meeting with the mobilized, the military commissar Eliseev spoke. Zinin began to question him about the dead second. At that moment, someone in the hall asked: “Where are we going?”. Zinin shouted back that now everyone will go home and fired twice at the military commission.
  • According to eyewitnesses, after a question about violations during the mobilization, the military committee “beaten and sent” Zynin, after which he returned to the conscription point with a weapon. “I realized that I couldn’t live on, knowing that I didn’t do anything to prevent this [смерти брата на войне] would not allow it and was ready to throw himself under the tank with his bare hands for any of his brothers. I have three of them. Only so as not to see the grief and tears of relatives,” Zinin said after the incident.
  • Ruslan Zynin’s brother was not mobilized. Military Commissar Eliseev spent a month and a half in the hospital, but recovered from his injuries.

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