SC petitions for the arrest of another detainee in the “Crocus” case

SC petitions for the arrest of another detainee in the “Crocus” case

The Investigative Committee of Russia on Monday petitioned for the arrest of another detainee in connection with the terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert hall. As reported by the agency, the suspect’s name is Yakubjony ​​Yusufzoda. According to the investigation, he transferred money from his bank card to one of the alleged participants in the attack for accommodation, and the transfers continued even after the terrorist attack.

State-owned “RIA Novosti” reports that Yusufzoda was detained on March 25 during a document check and received 12 days of administrative arrest for disobeying the police. Now he has been charged under the article on a terrorist act.

Yusufzoda is already the tenth suspect in complicity in the attack on Crocus City Hall. Earlier, four Tajik citizens were arrested, whom the investigation considers to be the direct perpetrators of the terrorist attack, and five people who, according to the law enforcement agencies, were accomplices of the attackers – they rented out housing to them, sold the car they used to drive to the concert hall, or transferred money.

  • In the evening of March 22, several people in camouflage uniforms opened fire in the “Crocus City Hall” concert hall near Moscow, then there was an explosion and a fire. According to the latest official data, 144 people died as a result of the terrorist attack, and another 382 were injured. Telegram channel “Baza” also reports on 95 missing persons.

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