Political prisoner Alexei Horynov was considered “suicidal”

Political prisoner Alexei Horynov was considered “suicidal”

Former municipal deputy Alexei Horynov, who is serving a term under the article about the so-called fakes about the army, was placed in a special account in the colony as “prone to suicide and self-harm.” Horynov’s support group writes about this in a telegram. Horinov himself claims that he never thought about suicide and the reason for such a decision of the colony administration is unknown to him.

“Since I love myself too much, cherish you and perceive life as a gift from the Universe, I want to assure everyone that I will never, under any circumstances, voluntarily leave my life. Please keep this in mind in case something similar happens to me.” – like-minded people quote Horynov’s words.

Horinov is in a prison hospital. According to his colleagues, he is on the mend and is preparing to be discharged, after which he will be sent to the IK-2 colony in Pokrov, Vladimir Region.

Earlier, Horinov reported that in the colony he was registered as “prone to escape”, although he never violated the regime. Because of this ego was practically deprived of sleep: every two hours the guards woke him up to check his whereabouts.

  • In July 2022, Alexey Gorinov was sentenced to seven years in prison on the charge of spreading “fakes” about the Russian army. The case is related to the politician’s speech at the meeting of the municipal council, during which the deputies, at the suggestion of Horynov, announced a minute of silence in memory of the victims of aggression in Ukraine. Horinov also noted that all efforts of civil society in Russia should be directed to stopping the war. The Human Rights Center “Memorial” declared Horynov a political prisoner.
  • In November of last year, it became known that another criminal case was opened against Alexei Horynov – on the article on the justification of terrorism. The reason for this was his conversations with other prisoners.
  • In December 2023, the lawyers of Alexei Horynov, who has a severe chronic lung disease, claimed that his health had deteriorated significantly in the colony. Dozens of current and former deputies from the regions of Russia, as well as representatives of the medical community, appealed to the authorities to ensure that Horinov received the necessary treatment.

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