Scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva left Russia

Scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva left Russia

Scientific journalist Asya Kazantseva left Russia. She connected her departure with the cancellation of her admissions in Russian cities and the publication of her home address by State Duma deputy Andrey Lugov.

According to the journalist, she decided to leave on the advice of a “friendly lawyer”, who did not rule out that the authorities, if they wanted, would find a reason to open a criminal case against her. “I’m really going to hang out in the glorious city of Tbilisi until the best times come,” Kazantseva wrote on Facebook.

At the same time, Kazantseva clarified that she will return to Russia “on the first flight” as soon as “the wind changes”. The journalist added that she would still “resist”, but she does not want to put her little daughter at risk. Also, according to Kazantseva, due to the cancellation of lectures, it became “quite problematic to earn a living.”

In December, the journalist had several speeches and the presentation of her new book canceled because of her anti-war stance. After some time, State Duma deputy from LDPR Andrey Lugovoi posted in his Telegram channel a post with Kazantseva’s phone number and addresses. He signed the message as follows: “For those who personally want to prove to Asa that betrayal of their country is the most terrible sin.” Subsequently, the ethics commission of the State Duma did not find Lugovoi’s actions illegal, referring to “freedom of speech guaranteed by the Constitution.”

  • Asya Kazantseva is a scientific journalist and popularizer of natural science knowledge, laureate of the “Enlightener” award. She repeatedly spoke out against the annexation of Crimea, against the Kremlin’s persecution of political opponents, and against Russia’s war in Ukraine. Kazantseva signed an open letter of Russian scientists and scientific journalists demanding the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory.

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