Slovakia refused Ukraine another package of military aid worth 40 million

Slovakia refused Ukraine another package of military aid worth 40 million

The government of Slovakia did not approve the fourteenth package of military aid to Ukraine in the amount of 40.3 million euros, proposed by its predecessors.

“European Truth” writes about this, the Slovak agency TASR reports.

The offer of assistance was prepared by the former leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Slovakia.

The military aid was to consist of four million units of 7.62 mm cartridges, 5,172 units of large-caliber ammunition for 125 mm guns, 140 missiles for the air defense system “Kub”, eight mortars and 1,200 mines.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation, Slovakia has provided Ukraine with thirteen packages of military aid for a total amount of 671 million euros.

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It is probably about the aid package against the provision of which the President of Slovakia, Zuzana Chaputova, spoke, as the corresponding proposal appeared already after the parliamentary elections.

Chaputova’s spokesman, Martin Stryzynets, explained that the president thus “respects the results of the democratic elections”, the winner of which, Smer-SD, promised the voters “not to give Ukraine a single cartridge”.

After his appointment, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, confirmed that will not support military aid to Ukraine, because “it is better to negotiate peace for 10 years than to kill each other for 10 years without any result.”

At the same time, Fitso promises not to prevent Slovak companies from producing and supplying weapons to their customers – in particular, in Ukraine.

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