“Svoe.IT”: what interesting awaits guests of the Ukrainian software showroom

“Svoe.IT”: what interesting awaits guests of the Ukrainian software showroom

An event will take place in Kyiv on September 8 “Svoe.IT. Ukrainian Software Showroom”. This is the first free large-scale event of this format, where dozens of Ukrainian software products are presented. We asked GigaCloud organizers what exactly the event will be like, and here’s what we learned:

Ability to click all programs independently

Applications for accounting, document management, education, CRM, ERP and many others can be tested in one place. At each stand, there is an opportunity to conduct testing, examine the entire functionality and immediately ask the developers everything you are interested in.

Wide range

As GigaCloud Ukraine CEO Volodymyr Belov notes: “It is important to show that Ukrainian software is diverse, to form and maintain the habit of using our product, contributing to its development. That is why we created this event in the first place: to give the user the opportunity to test these programs with maximum comfort and see how high-quality they are. We want to make as many people as possible fall in love with Ukrainian software.”

The following types of software will be presented at the event:

  • Document flow — programs that allow you to quickly exchange information and files, make digital signatures, save documents in electronic archives. Solutions in this area: Centredo, MEDoc, ASKOD, Vchasno, MASTER: Document processing, Signy service.
  • CRM systems and services for their implementation Creative, NetHunt, CRMiUM, SuiteCRM, Servio, VoIPTime CRM, MASTER:CRM
  • Analogues of 1C, accounting and ERP systems — Debit Plus, MASTER: Accounting, Pravno, ISPro, Universal 9:ERP, IT-Enterprise ERP system. As well as localized software applications for accounting and personnel accounting for the international ERP system SAP Business One.
  • Programs for call centers and technical support services — solutions for IP telephony using artificial intelligence VoIPTime Contact Center; UniTalk virtual telephony; ticket system of communication with HelpDeskStar clients.
  • ED Tech solution — digital platform for education Learning and Technology.
  • There will also be developers of a wide variety of programs for the military, finance, education, and social projects TATL technology; car service by subscription to Drivovo; the innovative company Uklon, which will talk about a unique cartography to replace the Russian Yandex; SmartTender bidding and procurement service.

Special offers

Dozens of participating companies and partners of the event have prepared promotions, discounts and other special offers. There will be not only software developers, but also several large-scale service companies that will find something to please guests.

Arguments in favor of “Svo”: opinion of developers

Russian programs are still, unfortunately, used by about 90% of Ukrainian companies – in particular, we are talking about 1C, BAS, “Parus” and “Bitrix”. Interestingly, the organizers of the event managed to gather the most Ukrainian analogues of this software.

Oleksiy Koshevets, CEO LLC “TATL TECHNOLOGY“, the company, whose specialists developed and implemented the “One School” educational information system in Ukrainian schools, notes: “WITHtoday, the development and implementation of Ukrainian software in schools is of strategic importance.

Let’s be honest: no one will be able to put more care into the creation of software for a high-quality modern educational process than we – Ukrainians – for our children and for our country. We already offer a ready-made product that is relevant given that the state has launched a digital transformation of education“.

Software developers who will participate in the showroom will explain to users why they should abandon the enemy’s product and show that the functionality of their programs is no worse.

Artem Mokryakov, commercial director of InfoPlus JSC (the ASKOD document management program will be presented at the showroom) explains: “For a long time, Russian software solutions have been presented on the Ukrainian market, which inhibit the development and distribution of Ukrainian software.

In addition, Russia is the world’s largest generator of malware, Trojans and classic viruses. This poses a serious threat to the use of software products of the aggressor country, especially in wartime.”

Networking and maximum information in a short time

In addition to software testing, guests will be able to discuss important ideas in a specially designated area for networking, have a coffee break at the food court, listen to lectures and discussions about the development of software in Ukraine — it is convenient that all this will take place in one location in the city center with an open terrace (KVC “Park”).

This way you can save time and learn more about Ukrainian programs in a few hours than in a month of active searches on your own.

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