The Ukrainian bank was included in the list of the best fintech companies in the world

The Ukrainian bank was included in the list of the best fintech companies in the world

Ukrainian “bank without branches” – monobank, entered the top 200 best fintech companies in the world.

List was published by the American media group CNBC, which concluded it in cooperation with the independent research firm Statista.

The purpose of this research was called by CNBC to create a transparent overview of the world’s leading fintech companies.

As part of this collaboration, Statista analyzed more than 1,500 firms in nine different market segments, evaluating each of them on a set of key performance indicators, including revenue, number of users and total funding raised.

Categories include:

  • Neobanking
  • Digital payments
  • Digital assets
  • Digital financial planning
  • Digital wealth management
  • Alternative financing
  • Alternative lending
  • Solutions for digital banking
  • Digital business solutions

Companies with the highest score in their market segment made it to the list.

monobank was recognized in the “neobanking” category, which included 19 other companies.

At the same time, in the top 200 monobank turned out to be the only fintech company from Ukraine.

To determine the 200 largest fintech companies, Statista conducted a quantitative analysis of the global market in the specified nine categories.

To help with the research, CNBC launched a public nominations contest in March, giving eligible fintech companies the opportunity to share additional information about their business model, revenue, transaction volume and other key data.

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