The accused in the “Tyumen case” gave the name of the operative who questioned them

The accused in the “Tyumen case” gave the name of the operative who questioned them

Anti-fascists Yury Neznamov and Nikita Oleynyk, arrested in the so-called “Tyumen case”, named the operative of the Center for Countering Extremism (Center “E”), who, according to them, subjected them to torture after their detention.

According to Neznamov and Oleinyk, the operative’s name is Andrey Maksymov, he, among other employees, beat them, asked them with electricity and water, and also threatened to rape them.

Another accused in the “Tyumen case”, Danyl Chertykov, confirmed that he saw operative Maksimov in one of the offices of Center “E” when the torture was taking place.

As Doxa notes, the Investigative Committee of Russia, which received a statement from the anti-fascists who had been subjected to physical violence, for an unknown reason did not interview Andrey Maksimov and did not even try to establish his identity.

  • At the end of August 2022, six anti-fascists who knew each other were detained in Tyumen, Yekaterinburg and Surgut. All of them were sent to pre-trial detention center on suspicion of organizing a terrorist organization. The investigation believes that the detainees planned to blow up CHP-2 in Tyumen. The defendants in the case, which is compared to the “Network” case, face five to twenty years in prison.
  • Five of the six suspects officially declared that they were tortured in order to obtain the necessary evidence for the investigation.


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