The Cabinet of Ministers made changes to the procedure for taking driver’s license exams

The Cabinet of Ministers made changes to the procedure for taking driver’s license exams

At the meeting on September 15, the government made changes to the Regulation on the procedure for issuing driver’s licenses and allowing citizens to drive vehicles and to the Procedure for state registration and deregistration of vehicles.

This was reported by the representative of the government in the Verkhovna Rada, Taras Melnychuk Telegram.

According to the changes, a practical test for the right to drive vehicles of categories A1, A and B1 was introduced exclusively at sites for training in initial driving, and category B – exclusively in traffic conditions on routes determined by the territorial service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Also, the Cabinet of Ministers expanded the functionality of the driver’s electronic cabinet and the “Diya” Portal regarding the possibility of ordering services in electronic form for state registration and deregistration of vehicles, issuing a temporary registration card in connection with granting the right to drive a vehicle to another natural person or a registration certificate transport of funds in the name of another natural person traveling abroad.

The following will also be added to “Action”:

  • extension of the term of responsible storage of license plates of re-registered or deregistered vehicles for further attachment to other vehicles of the owner;
  • issuing a conclusion on the possibility of applying special individual identification numbers or duplicating primary identification numbers of vehicles;
  • exchange of a driver’s license produced on a form for a driver’s license in electronic form and vice versa.

We remind you:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reminded that ean electronic driver’s license abroad can be exchanged at the centers of the State Enterprise “Dokument”.

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