the car of the Crocus attackers was stopped around midnight

the car of the Crocus attackers was stopped around midnight

The car with the suspects in the attack on the “Crocus City Hall” concert hall near Moscow could have been at the place where it was stopped by law enforcement officers around midnight on March 23, much earlier than the first reports of the arrest of the suspects. This is reported by “Mediazona” with reference to the data of speed control cameras.

It follows from them that at 11:07 p.m. Moscow time on March 22, the car was in the south of the Kaluga region near the village of Yasenok and was traveling southwest at a speed of 138 kilometers per hour, i.e. significantly exceeding the speed limit. In connection with this, a new decision has appeared in the services of payment of fines for speeding, against the driver of the Renault car, in which the attackers drove away, in which the terrorists drove away after the terrorist attack from Crocus City Hall.

From this place to the point where, according to the FSB video, the car was stopped, about 100 kilometers remained – that is, at the speed with which the car was traveling, it could have been there around midnight. There is no evidence that the car stopped on the way. “Mediazona” comes to the conclusion that, apparently, he was stopped long before the first unofficial reports about the arrest of the suspects appeared.

They appeared in Telegram channels around 8 a.m. Moscow time on March 23. At the same time, several channels, citing sources, claimed that two people were detained, and two more managed to escape. Reports of the detention of two more suspects appeared 1-2 hours later. Around 11 a.m., it was officially announced.

On the morning of March 23, Telegram channels Shot and Mash published a photo of the first detained suspect – Muhammadsobir Fayzov, who was injured during the detention. The photo clearly shows that it was taken in the dark. At the same time, the video of the arrest of two other suspects, which appeared on social networks (including the one in which one of them cuts off a part of the ear), was filmed in broad daylight. This may indicate that several hours passed between the time the car was stopped and the arrest of the two suspects in the forest.

  • Four citizens of Tajikistan were arrested on suspicion of directly committing a terrorist attack in “Crocus City Hall”. They were detained in the Bryansk region. The Russian authorities claim that they were driving towards Ukraine. Kiev denies any involvement in the terrorist attack, Western countries also claim that there is no indication of such involvement. Resources associated with the terrorist organization “Islamic State” said that the attack was carried out by the Afghan branch of IS, known as “Vilayat Khorasan”. Officially confirmed the death of 140 people as a result of the terrorist attack.

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