The CEC announced the official results of the Russian presidential election

The CEC announced the official results of the Russian presidential election


The Central Election Commission of Russia officially announced the results of the presidential elections, the winner of which was Vladimir Putin. He won 87.28% of the votes. More than 76 million people voted for him.

Mykola Kharitonov from the CPRF received slightly more than 4% of the votes. Less than 4% of voters voted for Vladyslav Davankov from the “New People” party, and slightly more than 3% for Leonid Slutsky from the LDPR.

Davankov visited Putin in 15 European countries, including Serbia and the Czech Republic, Argentina, Paraguay and Israel.

Independent anti-war candidates who had to submit signatures to the CEC for their nomination were not allowed to vote.

Western countries and international observers previously declared that the elections of the President of Russia were not free and unfair. The results of the elections held by the Russian authorities in the occupied territories of Ukraine and the annexed Crimea will not be recognized by the USA, the European Union and a number of other countries.

The voter rights movement “Voice” called the elections “imitation” due to the fact that none of Putin’s real opponents were allowed to participate. “Holos” also recorded violations of voting in many regions of Russia. The movement reported about “carousel” voting (when one voter votes consecutively at several precincts), ballot slips, and falsification of data in the final reports.

According to “Important Histories”, based on mathematical calculations, almost 22 million votes received by Putin in the presidential elections were falsified.

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