The connection through the DniproHPP in Zaporizhzhia can be restored in the near future – Fedorov

The connection through the DniproHPP in Zaporizhzhia can be restored in the near future – Fedorov

Partial restoration of transport connections in Zaporizhzhia through the DniproHPP is possible in the coming hours.

About this stated Ivan Fedorov, head of Zaporizhzhia OVA, on the air of “UP. Results”.

Fedorov noted that Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric power plant was destroyed, but it is currently impossible to fully assess all the consequences, as it is necessary to wait for the inventory of all destroyed property.

The head of the OVA also explained that the hydroelectric power station also provided passage from the left bank to the right bank. Accordingly, the connection via DniproHES is currently not taking place.

“This situation is quite critical for the city. Therefore, our main goal is to restore communication between the two banks of the Dnieper through the dam in the shortest possible time,” Fedorov said.

He added that the restoration of traffic in Zaporizhzhia will be partial, as part of the road surface is completely destroyed.

Currently, all subscribers in the city have electricity, and all enterprises, according to their applications, also have the capacities they need. In addition, as of the evening of March 22, there are no problems with water supply in Zaporizhzhia.

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We will remind:

As a result of the rocket attack on March 22 there is a hit on the largest HPP of Ukraine – DniproHPP in Zaporizhzhia. There is no threat of a breach, the situation at the dam of the station is under control.

In “Ukrhydroenergo” reported about two direct hits to the Dnipro HPP located in Zaporizhzhia – HPP-1 and HPP-2. Currently, it is not known whether it will be possible to restore the latter, because it has suffered serious damage.

Later it became known that Russian missiles hit at DniproHES 8 times, emergency services and emergency services work at the station.

At the same time, “Ukrhydroenergo” does not exclude possible intentions of the enemy to completely destroy the station.

At the Dniprovska HPP succeeded to start some of the equipment, but the station does not produce electricity yet.

For a full assessment and examination of the damage caused to the Dnipro HPP by Russian missiles will need about 3 days.

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