The creator of ChatGPT started the search for $100 million for the Worldcoin crypto project

The creator of ChatGPT started the search for 0 million for the Worldcoin crypto project

Sam Altman, the head of the OpenAI company that developed the chatbot with artificial intelligence ChatGPT, is negotiating with investors to attract about $100 million for the cryptocurrency project Worldcoin, reports The Financial Times with reference to its sources.

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What is known about the project

Worldcoin was founded by Altman and Alex Blaney in 2019. It plans to use eye scanning technology to identify users. The developers of Worldcoin claim that this will solve two problems that have arisen in connection with the development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The system will distinguish between humans and bots, and will also provide “a form of universal basic income that can compensate for the loss of jobs caused by the widespread introduction of AI.” The technology scans the iris of the eye and creates a World ID digital identifier for the user on the basis of this, which he can use “in a wide range of everyday applications without revealing his identity,” the company says. It is also stated that Worldcoin will not store scans of the iris, which eliminates the risk of losing confidential data.

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The creators of the project promise that after the user creates an identifier, he will be able to receive Worldcoin tokens for free. The project, launched in beta versions, is preparing to deploy the blockchain and start conducting transactions within the next six weeks. The group of investors, from whom Altman expects to receive $100 million, includes both old and new participants, the publication’s sources report, without naming specific companies. Khosla Ventures and crypto fund Andreessen Horowitz are among the company’s previous investors. Earlier, the project was also financed by FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and Internet entrepreneur Reid Hoffman. In February, the media reported that Altman was in talks to raise $120 million at a project valuation of $3 billion. In both cases, Worldcoin refused to comment on the fundraising reports. Despite the overall decline in investment in the cryptocurrency industry, AI-related projects are attracting wide attention from investors, experts say. At the end of March, the crypto project attracted $40 million for the development of artificial intelligence (AI) from the investment firm DWF Labs.

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