The energy system has been stable for more than three weeks – Ukrenergo

The energy system has been stable for more than three weeks – Ukrenergo


There has been no capacity deficit in the power system for the 23rd day in a row and it is not forecast at the moment, there is still a small import of electricity from Europe.

She reported about it press service Ukrenergo.

At the same time, the regulator warns that the war is ongoing, so the situation may change.

In the coming week, a sharp increase in consumption due to weather conditions, which could affect the stability of the electricity supply, is not expected. All types of power plants are operating, and electricity generation is sufficient to cover consumption.

In addition, minor imports of electricity are still ongoing. At the same time, it was previously reported that soon a decision may be made regarding the export of electricity from Ukraine against the background of the stabilization of the power system.

Currently, consumption is gradually increasing, which is typical for the beginning of the working week. There are no planned outages, there are no network restrictions.

In the east, after the completion of repair works, the region’s power supply reliability has been restored, and work is also continuing to increase the power supply reliability of Odesa. Disconnection of consumers is not predicted.

We remind you:

As a result of the Russian attacks, more than 200 missiles and drones landed on the Ukrenergo substation, causing heavy damage to the equipment.

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