The police officer who threw the drugs at the journalist was released early

The police officer who threw the drugs at the journalist was released early

The court released police officer Denys Konovalov, who planted drugs on Moscow journalist Ivan Golunov in 2019, early.

Golunov did not object to the release of Konovalov. “I didn’t forgive. It’s impossible to forgive. And even the very word “forgiveness” seems strange in this situation. And Konovalov himself admitted his guilt, told almost everything he knew, apologized, and he served almost the entire term,” – quotes the position Golunova Astra edition.

In May 2021, Konovalov was sentenced to five years in prison on charges of drugging a journalist. He was the only one of the five defendants to plead guilty and testify against his colleagues. Three more police officers – Maksym Umetbaev, Akbar Sergaliev and Roman Feofanov – were given eight years in prison each, their chief Ihor Lyakhovets – 12 years.

In 2022, everyone’s term was shortened by six months. In June 2023, Konovalova, Umetbaeva, and Sergalieva were sentenced to forced labor.

  • The correspondent of “Meduza” Ivan Golunov was detained in Moscow on June 6, 2019 on suspicion of attempted drug trafficking. The police claimed that they found substances in his backpack and in his apartment.
  • Golunov immediately declared his innocence and that prohibited substances were thrown at him. A broad public campaign was launched in his support. As a result, the case was closed, the charges against the journalist were dropped. The case against the police was opened only in January 2020.
  • Golunov repeatedly stated that his prosecution had a high-ranking customer, but the investigation did not establish this.

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