The Seimas of Latvia granted citizens of the Russian Federation a 2-year extension to take the exam

The Seimas of Latvia granted citizens of the Russian Federation a 2-year extension to take the exam

The Seimas of Latvia approved in the first reading amendments to the Immigration Law, according to which Russian citizens, former holders of residence permits in the country, are given a two-year delay so that they have time to pass an exam in the Latvian language. Passing such an exam is a condition for extending a residence permit.

According to Delfi, according to the draft law, Russians will receive a temporary residence permit for a period of two years. They will also keep social security for these two years.

By September 2, the residence permit of thousands of Latvian residence permit holders who did not have time to pass the exam by that day was canceled in accordance with the current legislation, amendments to this effect were adopted after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. However, most of these residents of Latvia did not pass the exam by the set date. According to the letter of the law, the authorities could resort to their deportation. The government, however, decided to grant them an additional two years.

Almost all parties, both government and opposition, voted for the postponement, except for the National Union. The final reading of the law is expected to be adopted on September 14.

At the beginning of September, more than 11 thousand out of 25 thousand people, who are subject to the requirements of the law, appeared for the Latvian language exam. According to Delfi, 61% of them failed to successfully pass the exam.

  • Among Russian citizens living in Latvia, there are many elderly people who reportedly find it difficult to learn the language. 25,317 Russian citizens with special status live in Latvia. Before receiving a Russian passport, they were Latvian citizens or (in the vast majority) so-called non-citizens.
  • At the end of September 2022, the Latvian parliament – the Seimas – legislatively canceled permanent residence permits for such people from September 2, 2023. In order to maintain the right to live in Latvia, they must issue a residence permit according to the new procedure. To do this, it is necessary to submit a certificate of knowledge of the Latvian language to the Citizenship and Immigration Office and prove that the monthly income during the last year was not lower than the minimum salary (620 euros in 2023) or that the person receives a Latvian pension.

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