The son of a war participant, who entered the MIPT without exams, is excluded

The son of a war participant, who entered the MIPT without exams, is excluded

The son of a participant in the war in Ukraine, who entered the “Phystech-School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics” with the lowest score in history, was expelled from MIPT after the first session. Sonia Savina, a journalist of “Vazhnyh istoriy” drew attention to this.

In July 2023, a young man named Dmitry said that he was able to enter the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology – the leading Russian university for training specialists in the field of theoretical, experimental and applied physics, mathematics, and computer science. He scored only 127 points: 57 in Russian and 70 in mathematics. At the same time, the passing score for the Phystech School of Applied Mathematics and Informatics is at least 290 points.

Dmitriy entered the “separate quota” without exams (his father was wounded during the invasion of Ukraine). He said that he studied poorly at school and could not solve the problems at the interview at the MIPT. The management of the university, according to him, tried to dissuade him from admission.

In a YouTube video published on January 29, a distinguished student said that in the second month of his studies he fell ill and began to miss classes, and when he started attending lectures again, it was difficult for him to absorb new information. At the same time, the young man does not know whether his admission benefit will burn, as for the son of a participant in the war in Ukraine, but he would like to pass mathematics and computer science.

According to the Ministry of Education, in 2023, about seven thousand entrants were enrolled in all Russian universities “according to a separate quota”.

Amendments introduced to the law on education at the proposal of President Vladimir Putin in June 2023 give priority to participants in the invasion of Ukraine and their children when entering, and children of those killed and wounded in the war can enter any university without exams.

In total, in 2023, at least 203 applicants were admitted to prestigious universities in Russia “according to a separate quota” without exams. Most of all – at the Institute of Physics, St. Petersburg State University and Moscow State University.

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