The Vologda activist was arrested for transferring a thousand rubles to FBK

The Vologda activist was arrested for transferring a thousand rubles to FBK

A court in Vologda arrested a local activist and lawyer Yevgeny Molotov for two months because of a three-year-old donation of 1,000 rubles to the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK). This was reported by his associate Yevgeny Domozhirov.

The case was initiated under the article on the financing of extremist activities. In June 2021, the Russian courts recognized the FBK and Navalny’s headquarters as extremist.

According to Domozhirov, Molotov lived in Kazakhstan, but recently returned to Russia because of his father, who was diagnosed with the fourth stage of oncological disease. The activist provided for three daughters, his wife has no money now.

Molotov has been engaged in social activities in Vologda since 2011, and in 2014 he ran for the City Duma, writes Sever.Realii.

According to the calculations of “Mediazon”, criminal cases for the financing of FBK were initiated against five people. Two of them have already been sentenced and fined 500,000 rubles each.

  • After the FBK and Navalny’s headquarters were recognized as “extremist organizations”, hundreds of the oppositionist’s supporters left the country.
  • Navalny himself is serving a 19-year term in the “Polar Wolf” special regime colony in Yamal. The court found him guilty of creating an extremist community, calling for extremism and financing it.
  • Navalny has pleaded not guilty, many human rights organizations have recognized him as a political prisoner.

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