the wife of a member of the Security Council, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has a stake in a British company

the wife of a member of the Security Council, the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has a stake in a British company

Svetlana Svetlana, the wife of Gennady Krasnikov, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences who was recently included in the Security Council of Russia, owns a stake in the British company Preferred Management Limited, the “Dossier” center found out.

Svetlana Krasnykova, her sister Larisa Sokolova and mother Tatyana Dyakova own a third of the British company. Through this and other firms, they control 33% of the shares of Energogarant, which is one of the largest Russian insurers.

The report for 2021 (latest available papers) states that the value of the assets of “Energogarant” is more than 22 billion rubles, and the revenue from insurance premiums is about 16 billion.

The company “Energogarant” appeared in the early 1990s to insure facilities of RAO UES, which was then headed by Svetlana Krasnykova’s father – Anatoly Dyakov. After his death, his family, including his daughter – Svetlana Krasnikova, continued to control the fortunes of Energogarante.

According to Dossier, Gennady Krasnikov is not just the husband of the co-owner of the business, he was personally involved in the affairs of “Energogarant”. The document states that in 2011, Krasnikov, who formally does not hold any positions in the company, actually discussed the future fate of this business on an equal footing with the shareholders. And in 2013–2016, he also held an official position — he was a member of the board of directors of “Energogarant”, according to the investigation.

In addition, this company, as noted in the Dossier publication, has close ties to the FSB. In 2003, “Energogarant” became a co-founder of the “Military Sports Fund”, which is located in the FSB complex, and sponsored the fund’s events. The head of the fund was the then deputy director of the FSB Viktor Komogorov, after retirement he became an adviser to the general director of “Energogarant”, the investigators write.

At the moment, Krasnikov is the only member of the Security Council of Russia against whom no sanctions have been imposed. However, as the investigators note, for the British authorities, participation in the Security Council of Russia is already a sufficient reason to send a person under sanctions, so the inclusion of Krasnikov in the sanctions list is a matter of the near future, writes “Dossier”.

  • Gennady Krasnikov was elected the new president of the Russian Academy of Sciences on September 20, 2022. The media previously reported that the academy considers him to be “Mikhail Kovalchuk’s man” – the head of the Kurchatov Institute, an old friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • In January 2024, Putin introduced the academician to the Security Council by decree. This is very uncharacteristic, because the other members of the Security Council are federal officials, representatives of law enforcement agencies, heads of regions, and plenipotentiary representatives of the president in the districts, but not scientists.

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