They can do everything. Stories of women in managerial positions in the chain of pharmacies “Healthy Family”

They can do everything.  Stories of women in managerial positions in the chain of pharmacies “Healthy Family”


Oksana Denega

The head of the department, which is directly involved in the development of the network and administers work in the regions, is Oksana Denega. In “Healthy Family” she is characterized as a purposeful, energetic and multitasking team member who tirelessly overcomes obstacles to achieve goals.

During her 10 years at the company, the future head directly tried herself in various positions: she was an HR manager, an auditor, and a curator. Favorable conditions for training and personal development, as well as wise administration, are the keys to growth in the company.

“I came to a completely different position, but after several interviews with the manager, they talked about the direction of the development of the network, which was only planned. At first, I categorically refused: I did not have the appropriate skills, experience, the position required constant business trips, an irregular schedule. The manager then immediately showed wisdom – offered to try what I would like to do. Later, I returned to the direction of development myself. Now I can’t imagine my life any other way.”– says Oksana.

He emphasizes that usually the heads of the “Healthy Family” departments go through a similar path, get to know the company’s work from the inside, and later rise to management positions. A woman’s career in the field is considered natural, because mostly women work in pharmacies. However, men in “Healthy Family” are also developing in areas that interest them.

Our “men” are the IT department and lawyers. My department is also 80% male. Non-stop work here, almost 24/7, requires numerous business trips. In this, men have more hands free. When I select employees for my team, at the beginning I see surprise that a woman will lead. Over time, prejudice disappears when we begin to cooperate. It affects the level of competence, trust, respect.” – says Oksana.

She notes that she herself does not share the opinion that there is a purely “male” or “female” job, because women and men have the same potential. But the acquisition of professionalism, according to Oksana, depends on a person’s desire to develop. “Healthy Family” helps employees in this, creates favorable conditions.

“I came to Zdorova Rodina from a company where at that time I had a higher salary, but I felt out of place, I wanted a change. Without inspiration, money was not a motivation. Now I am inspired by forward movement, development. In this position, I discovered Ukraine for myself – I have never seen her like that. I spend a lot of time behind the wheel. It happens that every day I have a different region, a different city, a different mentality of people with an interesting color. Sometimes I think that if I were “locked in the office” again – I would not lived,” adds Oksana.

She recalls that she used to compare the situation of Ukraine and other European countries, where a woman’s career is not surprising, it depends on her desire to develop. In Ukraine, I observed for some time that a woman’s self-identification is affected by the climate at home, the fear that a career can take away the attention of the family, time for relatives.

“A woman’s place is where she sees herself. If a woman wants to, she will find time for both family and work, and will be able to combine it successfully. We often talk about these topics with my adult son. He says: “My mother is a businesswoman” . Approves my choice. The new generation of men has a different attitude towards women leaders. I started my career when I was already formed as a woman, realized myself as a mother. At that time, of course, I could work at a faster pace, develop. This supported in the company. I consider the most important thing in this is proper time planning, involvement in a close circle of people who respect you,” Oksana explains.

The principle of respect also governs work. He notes that he turns to the manager for advice, and is also ready to help his subordinates with advice. According to Oksana, this creates a good climate in the company, motivation to move forward. Initiative is rewarded with the possibility of career growth, regardless of gender.

“I always praise subordinates for their achievements – I do not write memorized phrases, but my honest emotion. Employees often return to us. They try themselves in other companies, but choose us. For me, this is a sign that the team is good. When subordinates ask about the possibility of punishment growth – I give numerous examples. It is important that an employee can try himself in something new, develop. I consider the opening of 600 pharmacies a great joint victory – the Khmilnyk resort has become like our new business card. This is inspiring,” says Oksana.


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