Ukraine nationalized the assets of ex-deputy Sergei Kalashnikov

Ukraine nationalized the assets of ex-deputy Sergei Kalashnikov

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court of Ukraine decided to nationalize the assets of the former member of the Russian Federation Council Sergey Kalashnikov. He owned the Motordetal-Konotop company in the Sumy region. The Security Service of Ukraine believes that the plant supplied Russia with its products for the needs of the military-industrial complex.

“Motordetal-Konotop” produces cylinder liners for automobile, locomotive and ship engines. This is one of the largest enterprises of this profile in Europe. According to the SBU, even before the start of Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, its components were used in Russia for the construction of warships.

Sergey Kalashnikov was a member of the Federation Council of the Kostroma Region in 2015–2020. In 2011–2015 and 2020–2021, he was a member of the State Duma. In 2018, the Ukrainian authorities included it in the sanctions list.

The SBU also continues the investigation of Kalashnikov in the case of the financing of actions committed with the aim of violently changing the constitutional system or seizing power.

  • After the beginning of the Russian military invasion, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, signed a law allowing the state to confiscate property and assets of persons supporting the invasion, including financial ones.
  • According to this law, the Ukrainian assets of such large Russian businessmen as Oleg Deripaska, Sergey Chemezov, Mikhail Shelkov, as well as the Ukrainian company “Alfa Group” of Peter Aven and Mikhail Fridman – Sense Bank (Former “Alfa Bank Ukraine”) have already been nationalized.

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