Ukreximbank is not only for large corporate companies

Ukreximbank is not only for large corporate companies

The market knows Ukreximbank as one of the largest corporate investment banks in Ukraine, which works with large, strategically important businesses. Remaining No. 1 creditor of the corporate sector during the war (UAH 23 billion for the military year 2022 and UAH 2.1 billion equivalent for the first quarter of 2023)Ukreximbank provides corporate clients with the opportunity to maintain or expand their business.

The creation of additional jobs by large borrowers motivates Ukrainians to return home, develop the SME sector, and rebuild Ukrainian communities.

That is why, while focusing on the corporate segment, Ukreximbank also has powerful projects and results in the SME, community development and retail sectors.

UAH 1 billion for SMEs from MFIs

Exim is the financial agent of the Government for the implementation of programs of international financial organizations and the Government of Ukraine. The bank has strong competence in attracting funds and forming financial products, in particular long-term loans, in cooperation with international financial organizations.

Since the beginning of the Great War, the state-owned Ukreximbank, precisely according to the programs of international financial organizations along with other lending, has issued loans to small and medium-sized businesses in the amount of UAH 1 billion equivalent.

Among the top 10 banks for “5-7-9”

Today, the state-owned Ukreximbank is in the top 10 among participating banks state program “Affordable loans 5-7-9”.

Despite the state of war in the country, the Bank actively provides loans not only for working capital, but is also ready to meet the needs for the purchase/renovation of fixed assets.

As of October 30, 2023, Ukreximbank is among the top 5 banks in terms of investment lending.

During the war, most new loans were granted to enterprises within the framework of state programs. In fact, only thanks to the state program “Available loans 5−7−9%”, borrowers could continue to receive more affordable financing.

The first “5-7-9” project for a utility company in Ukraine

Recently, Ukreximbank became the bank that provided the first loan in Ukraine to a utility company under the state program “5-7-9%”.

Bank financed Communal enterprise “Vodoliy” of the Priyutiv settlement council (Olexandriy district, Kirovohrad region) for the purchase of special equipment under the state program “Affordable loans 5-7-9%”.

This is very symbolic, because there is a stereotype that big banks offer loans only to big businesses and cities with millionaires.

In the summer of 2023, Ukreximbank concluded the first agreement under the state program “5-7-9 financial leasing is available%” with the communal enterprise “Lutskvodokanal” in the amount of UAH 7.8 million for the purchase of mobile modular water treatment systems and automated sewer grates.

Ukreximbank has also joined grant programs since December 2022. To date, 5 clients of the Bank have received grant support from the state in the total amount of UAH 24.782 million.

Citizens’ trust in state banks

In the second year of the war, the Bank confidently took the 4th place among all banks in terms of term deposits of individuals with an indicator of UAH 25 billion, and this is despite the fact that the Bank does not pursue the strategy of a classic retail bank, and does not have an extended network, but only 46 branches and offices.

Deposits. During 2023, the Bank showed growth rates higher than the average indicators for Ukraine in the market of deposits of individuals.

The increase in deposits of natural persons in the national currency for the 9 months of the current year amounted to UAH 2.6 billion – this is a historical record for the bank for attracting within one year.

Taking into account the realities of today, depositors actively use remote channels, for example, the share of deposits opened online in Ukreximbank in October is more than 41%.

Currently, you can open deposits online: “Cumulative term”, “Profit term”, Optimal”, “Defender of Ukraine”, Ferocious interest”.

“Defender of Ukraine” – deposit for military personnel/military personnel and their family members with an increased interest rate. Thousands of defenders of Ukraine and members of their families have been making contributions since May 2022. As of October 1, the total amount of deposits is more than UAH 700 million.

“Fierce interest” – deposit for new depositors and new funds of existing depositors. The deposit was introduced in June 2023, and in this short time more than UAH 1.5 billion has already been placed.

“Currency without restrictions” is a term deposit that allows you to buy US dollars at the NBU exchange rate, which is designed to protect clients’ savings from exchange rate fluctuations.

In addition to making deposits, depositors can freely manage their savings, namely cancel or renew the automatic extension of deposits without visiting or calling the bank.

“is Oselya”. On October 5, the Kyiv branch of Ukreximbank issued the first mortgage loan under the “eOselya” state program. Loan within the framework of the program under 3% per annum was received by a family of contract servicemen who did not have their own home before and lived in a military unit.

OVDP Today, every Ukrainian can help the country and contribute to Victory! Ukreximbank offers citizens to support the budget of Ukraine by investing in military government bonds.

As of September 1 (from the beginning of 2023), individual clients bought OVDP bonds in the amount of UAH 4.1 billion equivalent (of which 21% at the expense of new money for the Bank). Currently, Exim’s market share in the OVDP market for individuals is 10% (top-3 banks).

Mista for people

In September 2023, Ukreximbank launched the “Cities for People” platform, within the framework of which a round table was held on the possibilities for financing the municipal sector during the war and during the reconstruction period.

He initiated a series of public discussions and practical meetings that the State Bank organizes for mayors and leaders of territorial communities.

On October 18, 2023, at the initiative of Ukreximbank, the first educational event “Evaluation of creditworthiness of local budgets” was held within the framework of the “Cities for People” platform.

Ukreximbank will continue to be a reliable financial arm of the state for the restoration of the country, the return of Ukrainians to their homes and the well-being of our communities.

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