A case was opened against Tomych for comments under a post about Surovykin

A case was opened against Tomych for comments under a post about Surovykin

A criminal case was opened against the Tomsk activist Leonid Rybakov for repeated “discrediting” of the army because of his comments under a post about General Sergey Surovykin. Rybakov told Sibir.Reali about this.

On February 27, the house of the activist was searched, the police confiscated all the equipment, as well as the book of politician Boris Nemtsov “Confession of a Rebel”.

As Rybakov said, the criminal case was initiated because of his comments on the post about General Surovykin. On December 2, 2022, an unknown user under the nickname Pozyvnoy Chinese published on Rybakov’s page a photo of Surovykin, who was signed as “Minister of Energy of Ukraine.” Leonid Rybakov left two comments under this post: “Vampires are briefly untied from beds. Admire them in all their beauty” and “Cattle is one of the first – a Syrian butcher and a general attacked by the negative.”

Earlier, Rybakov was fined under the administrative article on “discrediting” the Russian army: 45,000 rubles for the anti-war rally and 40,000 rubles for the Ukrainian flag and a poster with the inscription “Russia without Putin” hung in his apartment window. Since the beginning of the war, the amount of fines in various cases against Rybakov has exceeded 100 thousand rubles. In addition, Rybakov is also being tried in the case of incitement to extremism for his post in “VKontakte” with the words: “Wet the Putins, if possible – take them prisoner.”

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