A new case was opened against Horynov because of the talks about “Azov”

A new case was opened against Horynov because of the talks about “Azov”

A criminal case on charges of justifying terrorism was brought against Moscow municipal deputy Alexei Horynov because of his conversations with inmates about the Ukrainian unit “Azov” and the explosion on the Krymsky bridge. This is reported by Horynov’s associates. Horinov is in custody in the second case – he became one of the first convicted in Russia for the article about the so-called fakes about the army due to anti-military statements.

According to the Telegram channel “Freedom to Alexey Horinov!”, the prisoner, according to the investigation, talked with other detainees about “Azov”, recognized as a terrorist in Russia, and about the Crimean bridge in January 2023, while in the prison hospital. The investigation claims that he tried to form in the convicts “an opinion about the permissibility of the activities of an organization recognized by the legislation of the Russian Federation as terrorist, as well as the commission of sabotage and terrorist acts at the objects of the transport infrastructure.” There are no comments from the prisoner himself yet.

Horinov himself confirmed that a new criminal case had been opened against him in mid-October. In the summer of 2022, he was sentenced to seven years in prison for an anti-war speech at a meeting of municipal deputies of Moscow’s Krasnoselsky district. He is considered a political prisoner by human rights activists.

Earlier, the article on the justification of terrorism was used to initiate a new criminal case against the mathematician Azat Miftahov. He served a term of imprisonment on charges of hooliganism and was detained again a few minutes after leaving the colony. He was also accused of “justifying terrorism” in conversations with inmates.

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