Exchange rates for May 18: the dollar and the euro are depreciating

Exchange rates for May 18: the dollar and the euro are depreciating

On Thursday, May 18, the dollar rate on the cash market decreased by 5 kopecks for buying, and 3 kopecks for selling. The euro fell in price by 10 kopecks in buying and 3 kopecks in selling.

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In exchange offices, the dollar fell in price by 4 kopecks in purchase and by 10 kopecks in sale. The euro rate decreased by 7 kopecks in buying and 8 kopecks in selling.

On the cash market, hryvnia to dollar quotes are 37.25-37.65 hryvnias. Euros are bought for UAH 40.50 and sold for UAH 41.15.

According to the currency auction, on the black market (in exchange offices), the dollar is traded for UAH 37.41-37.50, and the euro for UAH 40.79-41.00.

Mezhbank opened in the range of UAH 36.56-36.93/$. Euro trading takes place at the level of UAH 39.59-39.98/euro.

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