FSB-related hackers meddled in politics

FSB-related hackers meddled in politics

The British government reported that it exposed the activities of the Russian special services aimed at interfering in politics and democratic processes in the country by means of cyber operations.

As stated in the official announcement, the Center for Information Security of the FSB of Russia, also known as the 18th Center, is behind a number of hacker attacks on British parliamentarians, as well as state bodies, non-governmental organizations, universities and celebrities. These attacks, as the British authorities are convinced, were carried out by a hacker group controlled by the FSB, known as Star Blizzard, SEABORGIUM, Callisto Group and a number of others named.

According to the British authorities, the attacks were carried out from 2015 until recently.

As stated in the statement of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain, David Cameron, “Attempts of the Russian government to interfere in the politics of Great Britain are completely unacceptable, being aimed at endangering our democratic processes.”

The Russian ambassador was summoned to the British Foreign Ministry.

Sanctions were also announced against two Russian citizens – Ruslan Peretyatko, who is said to be an FSB officer, and Andrey Korynts, also known as Alexey Doguzhiev.

There is no reaction from the Russian side to the accusations yet.

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