“Grany.Ru” has stopped its publication and is preparing to restart the publication

“Grany.Ru” has stopped its publication and is preparing to restart the publication

“Oldest opposition online media”, “pioneers of the struggle against blockades”, “exemplary demshiza”, “obsessed Russophobes” – we do not refuse any of these honorary titles. But it is impossible to remelt them into shells.”

This is how the appeal of journalists to the editors of the well-known Russian online publication “Grany.ru” begins, published on the evening of September 1. This project published articles and videos in support of the opposition and political prisoners, as well as reviews and analysis of Russian and world political events.

The authors of the appeal say that they do not intend to cling to the old brand, but want to “rethink their own 23-year history and ask themselves a simple question: how useful is your project for victory?”

“We will talk about mistakes. About how they inspired the coverage of the toy Russian protest. How the discourse of “non-violence” was used (even for filming actions such as the march on Tverskaya with the banner “Death to the Kremlin Occupiers” status liberals declared us provocateurs). How by inertia held out the microphone to the opposition authorities. How carefully they recorded the “achievements of civil society”, turning a blind eye to imperial revanchism.”

The journalists of “Graney” assure their readers that they will take care of the safety of the Graney archives. They consider their YouTube channel a unique “video chronicle of the protest movement during mature Putinism.”

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