In 2023, Russia imported $1 billion worth of chips from the USA and Europe

In 2023, Russia imported  billion worth of chips from the USA and Europe

In 2023, despite the sanctions, Russia was able to import high-tech chips of American and European production worth more than one billion dollars. This is reported by Bloomberg with reference to closed Russian customs statistics.

From the documents that the agency managed to obtain, it follows that the total cost of semiconductors and integrated circuits imported by Russia, which can be used for the production of military equipment, amounted to one billion 700 million dollars per hour. More than half of them were produced by companies from the USA and the European Union.

Bloomberg notes that there is no data that these companies violated the sanctions legislation and exported technologies to Russia. Most of the sanctioned technologies enter Russia fraudulently through third countries, including China, Turkey, and the UAE.

American and European companies, the products of which went to Russia, declared that they are fully complying with the sanctions imposed after Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

In July, Verstka, citing customs data, reported that in the first six months of 2023, more than $500 million worth of chips from Western companies were imported into Russia. Almost half of this amount went to the products of American Intel and AMD, including microprocessors.

  • Since the beginning of the full-scale Russian armed invasion on the territory of Ukraine, hundreds of foreign corporations, companies and brands have announced the closure of business in Russia, and accordingly, the import of products from abroad has stopped. In response, the Russian authorities allowed the import of foreign goods into the country through third countries as part of parallel import, that is, without the permission of the right holder.

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