In Finland, there will be no new tightening of measures on the border with the Russian Federation

In Finland, there will be no new tightening of measures on the border with the Russian Federation

Finland’s Ministry of Justice has refused further tightening – at the suggestion of the government – of measures on the border with Russia, the Finnish broadcaster Yle reported. According to his information, the Ministry of Justice pointed out that such a step would deprive migrants of the opportunity to ask for asylum, while international protection is enshrined, including in EU legislation.

It is not yet clear what exactly was contained in the government proposal on the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Yle notes. Later, the broadcaster reported that the country’s leadership intends to discuss other possible tightening models.

In the second publication on Tuesday, Yle calls out the false information in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” that on the night of November 22, Finland will completely close all checkpoints on the border with Russia. “The statement does not correspond to reality. The Government of Finland has not yet met to make a decision on further restrictions,” the material says.

The Finnish newspaper Iltalehti wrote on Monday that the Finnish authorities may soon decide to completely close border crossings on the border with Russia due to the influx of asylum seekers from third countries, citing sources in the field of foreign policy and security. It was noted that checkpoints may close on Wednesday night.

  • The Finnish authorities have closed four out of eight automobile checkpoints since November 18 against the backdrop of a sharp increase in the number of migrants trying to enter the country through the Russian border. Border crossing points are closed to both people and any form of transport. Restrictions will be in effect until February 18.
  • Two border crossing points, Salla on the border of Finland with the Murmansk region and Vartius on the border with Karelia, remain open for consideration of asylum seekers. In addition, Raya-Jooseppa and Kuusamo stations continue to operate. Closed crossings are located relatively close to St. Petersburg, and open crossings are located far to the north, in remote areas.
  • The Kremlin rejects accusations from Helsinki that Russia is deliberately sending migrants from Africa and the Middle East to the Finnish border. In Finland, what is happening is connected, in particular, with the conclusion of an agreement on cooperation in the field of defense between Helsinki and Washington.

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