In Moscow, the police came to inspect a private kindergarten and took the children to the department

In Moscow, the police came to inspect a private kindergarten and took the children to the department

In Moscow, the police came to inspect the Smile Fish private kindergarten in the “Voikovskaya” metro area and took the children from there to the police station. This was reported in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Moscow.

As he told the publication MSK1. Ivan Sorokin, the founder of the network of kindergartens, the police came on the morning of November 8, when the children were going out for a walk. Eight policemen, among whom were two investigators and one lieutenant colonel, demanded from the employees of the kindergarten rent documents (the kindergarten is located in the apartment) and contracts from the children’s parents. Only their copies were stored in Smile Fish, so the police gave the employees time to bring the originals.

“They were provided with all the necessary documents: the lease agreement, signed IP, contracts for the children. The police officers looked at all this, called the children homeless, took all the children,” Sorokin said. According to him, nine children aged two, three and four were taken from the kindergarten. In the “Voikovsky” police department, the children spent several hours without sleep or food, Sorokin said.
Later, their parents took them home.

Sorokin called what happened “abduction with penetration” and added that he had written a statement to the prosecutor’s office and the Investigative Committee.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that six children were taken to the department, and the police conducted an inspection of the kindergarten “according to the received request.”

One of the residents of the house complained to Rospotrebnadzor about the organization of an “illegal kindergarten” in an apartment on Kosmonavta Volkova Street. The Shot Telegram channel published a video in which 54-year-old Olga Lobanova allegedly says that she is “very dissatisfied” with the fact that a kindergarten opened in an apartment building, and none of its representatives asked the residents if they wanted it. .

According to the police, the organization “conducted activities without appropriate documentation.” The materials have been handed over to investigative bodies for legal assessment, the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

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