In the Russian Federation, another case was opened against Ilya Ponomarev

In the Russian Federation, another case was opened against Ilya Ponomarev

In Russia, a criminal case has been initiated against former member of the State Duma Ilya Ponomarev, who currently lives in Kyiv and calls for armed struggle against the Russian authorities. Telegram channels “Baza” and “Ostrozhno, novosti” reported about it, there was no official information about the case yet.

As stated, the case was initiated under the article on participation in the activities of an undesirable organization. It means “Congress of People’s Deputies”. This organization, created abroad at the initiative of Ponomarev, unites former and current deputies of various authorities in Russia who oppose the war and Vladimir Putin. Several sessions of the Congress were held in Poland. In May, it was recognized as an undesirable organization by the Russian Ministry of Justice – it was claimed that the organization’s members encroach on the territorial integrity of Russia due to the principle of self-determination of nations declared by them.

Earlier, a criminal case was opened against Ponomarev on the article about spreading so-called fakes about the Russian army.

“This has never happened and here it is again. There is a fifth criminal case against me in the Russian Federation. And what did you achieve?” – commented message Ponomarev himself.

Ilya Ponomarev was a member of the State Duma from “Spravedliva Rossii”, participated in actions for fair elections on Bolotnaya Square. The only one of the deputies voted against the annexation of Crimea. In recent years, he lives in Ukraine. It actively supports the so-called “Liberty of Russia” Legion, an armed formation fighting on the side of Ukraine. In Russia, people were previously searched by law enforcement officials suspected of having ties to Ponomarev.

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