The EU imposed sanctions against 6 Russians for human rights violations in Crimea

The EU imposed sanctions against 6 Russians for human rights violations in Crimea

On Friday, the European Union imposed sanctions against six employees of Russian courts and special services working in the annexed Crimea. The announcement was published in the official gazette of EU legislation.

Sanctions were introduced not as part of the sanctions package against Russia, but in accordance with the mechanism approved in 2020, which is called the European analogue of the Magnitsky law. It provides for the introduction of sanctions against citizens of any state involved in serious violations of human rights.

The list includes, in particular, prosecutors Elena Podolnaya and Anastasia Supryaga, FSB officers Denis Korovin and Vitaly Vlasov, judges of Russian courts in Crimea Dlyaver Berberov and Viktor Krapko.

All of them are related to the criminal prosecution by the Russian authorities in Crimea of ​​persons recognized as political prisoners. Among them are journalist Vladyslav Esypenko, Crimean Tatar activists, including Nariman Dzhelialov, and representatives of Jehovah’s Witnesses (this religious organization has been recognized as extremist by the Russian authorities).

Freelance author of the Radio Svoboda/Radio Svobodnaya Europe Krym.Realii project Vladislav Esypenko was sentenced in February 2022 to six years of imprisonment in the annexed Crimea (the term was later reduced to five years). He was found guilty of storing ammunition. Esypenko claims that they brutally electrocuted him and beat him so that he would testify. Nevertheless, the journalist does not admit guilt.

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