Mansur Movlaev, a native of Chechnya, will be deported from Kyrgyzstan

Mansur Movlaev, a native of Chechnya, will be deported from Kyrgyzstan

The Bishkek City Court found Mansur Movlaev, a native of Chechnya, guilty of illegal border crossing and ordered his deportation from the country. Kavkaz.Realii editorial office was informed about this by its lawyer Bakyt Avtandil. He and his client do not agree with the approved sentence, considering it unfounded, and will challenge it. Movlaev claims that the supporters of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, can deal with his family.

According to the lawyer, the defense asked the court to impose the maximum punishment on Movlaev for illegally crossing the border, but not to expel him from Kyrgyzstan.

27-year-old Mansur Movlaev is a taekwondo master of sports. In 2018, he worked as an engineer at Chechenenergo. Some mass media, as well as Chechen oppositionists, reported that in 2020, Movlaev was sentenced to three years in prison for criticizing the authorities of the republic, but under which article, it is unknown – there is no corresponding decision on the courts’ website.

Movlaev was released on parole in 2022, but in August he was abducted again by employees of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Shalyna district of Chechnya. He was held in one of the secret prisons, but he managed to escape and illegally, without documents, get to Kyrgyzstan, where the persecuted man has been since last year, writes the website In Russia, Movlaev was declared a federal wanted person in the case of extremism.

According to Chechen activists, in August, the Kadyrovs kidnapped all of Mansur Movlaev’s relatives who live in the village of Starye Atagi, and detained them in the Shalin District Police Department.

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