The court in Murmansk considered Navalny’s photo an extremist symbol

The court in Murmansk considered Navalny’s photo an extremist symbol


The court in Murmansk equated the photo of opposition politician Alexei Navalny with extremist symbols. This follows from the court’s ruling, which sentenced local activist Marina-Viktoria Nagornykh to seven days of administrative arrest on the charge of demonstrating prohibited symbols. She attached a photo of Navalny and flowers to the birch tree.

As OVD-Info clarifies, Nagornykh was detained on February 16, the day of Alexei Navalny’s death, when she went out with a single picket, holding a placard with the inscription “Alexey Navalny was killed, his blood is on your hands, Vova.” Then the court sentenced her to seven days of arrest for violating the rules of holding rallies. After Nagornykh was released from the detention center, she was immediately detained again – now she has already been charged with an administrative article on the demonstration of extremist symbols.

The October District Court of Murmansk agreed with the fact that this inscription contains “data of the leader of organizations” that are recognized as extremist.

The Foundation for Combating Corruption and its campaign headquarters founded by Navalny are included in the register of extremist and terrorist organizations, and the display of their symbols is prohibited. However, photographs of Navalny himself are not mentioned in the legislation as extremist.

  • Opposition politician Alexei Navalny died on February 16 in the Polar Wolf special regime colony. In the conclusion about his death, it is said that the politician died of natural causes. Supporters of the politician believe that he was killed.
  • After the death of Navalny, numerous actions were held in the cities of Russia and abroad in memory of the politician. Hundreds were detained and arrested. More than 16 thousand people attended the politician’s funeral in Moscow.


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