Moscow politician Vykhareva reported poisoning with potassium salts

Moscow politician Vykhareva reported poisoning with potassium salts

Moscow politician Elvyra Vykhareva reported on heavy metal salt poisoning. Telegram channel “Sota” writes about it.

The publication got acquainted with the results of Vykhareva’s analysis. The politician’s blood tests revealed potassium dichromate, a highly toxic carcinogenic substance.

Vykhareva told “Sote” that her first symptoms appeared at the beginning of December last year. In early February, they happened again. According to the politician, she felt pain in the stomach, increased heartbeat and numbness of the limbs. Then convulsions and fainting began.

“Sota” draws attention to the fact that in recent months, Vykhareva has stopped hosting online broadcasts with various opposition figures, showing her own face. The politician explained this by the deterioration of her health, which was reflected in her appearance.

Doctors told “Sota” that the symptoms described by Vykhareva may indicate long-term poisoning with salts of heavy metals. It is simple to implement, but it inevitably shows up in the tests, doctors say.

“Sota” does not reveal information about Vykhareva’s possible suspicions about those who may be involved in the possible poisoning. At the end of 2021, the politician reported to “Sote” that she had received a letter with threats addressed to her and to President Vladimir Putin.

  • In 2021, Vykhareva ran for election to the State Duma in the 196th Babushkin single-mandate district of Moscow. In the end, the candidate from “United Russia”, TV presenter Timofey Bazhenov, won there. According to official data, Vykhareva won less than 2.5% of the vote.
  • In 2022, Vykhareva wanted to participate in municipal elections in Moscow, in the Yakimanka district. The politician was removed from the elections. The court found violations in the preparation of signature sheets.

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