NASA has appointed a veteran director of the UFO study program

NASA has appointed a veteran director of the UFO study program

The American space agency NASA on Thursday announced the appointment of a new director of the program for the study of “unidentified anomalous phenomena.” The name “unidentified flying” objects, UFOs, is widely accepted in the world.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told the expert group about the need to collect more facts in this area. To date, “evidence of the extraterrestrial origin of such objects has not been found,” stated the head of the American space agency.

As Reuters reports, Nelson did not disclose the name of the head of the research program. An independent group of experts previously recommended that the space agency increase its efforts to collect information on unidentified anomalous phenomena and more effectively help the Pentagon in identifying the nature of these phenomena.

In the past few years, the US government has made public several times the information it managed to gather about UFOs. In the past, such information did not cause any official reaction from the authorities. In 2021, the government published a report compiled by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on the basis of a report by a task force under the command of the naval forces, about observations of unidentified anomalous phenomena.

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