North Korea supplied Russia with more than 1 million projectiles

North Korea supplied Russia with more than 1 million projectiles

Over the past three months, North Korea has sent more than one million artillery shells to Russia. Such are the estimates of South Korean intelligence. This was reported by South Korean parliament member Yoo Sang-bum after a briefing for parliamentarians held on Wednesday by representatives of the intelligence service.

In total, according to the deputy, intelligence recorded more than 10 cases of projectile delivery from the DPRK to Russia, for which transport planes and ships were used. It is confirmed that the shells were subsequently transported by rail to the occupied territories of Ukraine, where they were used at the front.

1 million shells, according to South Korean intelligence, are enough to conduct active hostilities in Ukraine for two months.

In exchange for the projectiles, Russia, according to South Korean intelligence, apparently transferred technology to launch a satellite to Pyongyang. In May and August, the launches were unsuccessful.

According to Yoo Sang Bom, intelligence also believes that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is looking for opportunities to help the Palestinian group Hamas in the war with Israel. Earlier, the Israeli military confirmed that Hamas militants use weapons from North Korea.

Official Seoul has not yet commented on the deputy’s statements. Earlier, South Korea and its allies, including the United States, expressed concerns about the possible supply of both ammunition from the DPRK to Russia and Russian missile technology to the DPRK. Pyongyang, declaring its support for Russia in the war with Ukraine, denied the supplies. Moscow also denied them.

In September, Kim Jong Un visited Russia and met with President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. Recently, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Sergey Lavrov, paid a visit to Pyongyang.

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