The Chechen, detained after the terrorist attack in “Crocus”, died in the police department

The Chechen, detained after the terrorist attack in “Crocus”, died in the police department

The publication “Agentstvo.Novosti” reported on the death of Ashab Uspanov, a native of Chechnya, in the Moscow police. As Uspanov’s mother told “Agency”, her son was detained the night after the terrorist attack in “Crocus City Hall”, which he managed to inform his relatives about. When Uspanov’s wife arrived at the police station two hours later, she was told that her husband was dead.

According to the Chechen channel 1ADAT, which first reported on Uspanov’s case, he died of torture. The channel claims that Uspanov had broken ribs and spine, strangulation and bruises on his body.

1ADAT published a video from the morgue showing Uspanov’s body with traces of violence. The author of the video claims that the police staged Uspanov’s suicide in order to hide the crime. The mother of the deceased told the “Agency” that her son would not commit suicide because he was a Muslim, and suicide is condemned by Islam. Also, Uspanov’s family categorically denies the possibility of his involvement in the terrorist attack.

  • After the terrorist attack in the “Crocus City Hall” concert hall near Moscow, raids on migrants and Russians of non-Slavic appearance became more frequent in Russian cities. Migrants complain about the pressure of security forces and xenophobia. Migrants are beaten, broken into their hostels and expelled from Russia.
  • Four citizens of Tajikistan suspected of participating in the terrorist attack in “Crocus City Hall” were detained on March 23. They were brought to the court for the selection of a restraining order with traces of being beaten, one of them in a semi-conscious state in a wheelchair. A video in which one of the detainees’ ear is cut off has spread on the Internet.

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