Production of cartridges, mines and drones in Ukraine: the expert named the threshold for entering this business

Production of cartridges, mines and drones in Ukraine: the expert named the threshold for entering this business

In the conditions of a full-scale war, investments in the production of weapons are not only profitable, but also useful for the state. Valery Borovyk, the chairman of the board of the Alliance “New Energy of Ukraine”, commander of the special strike drone unit “White Eagle”, told about the threshold of entering this direction during the investment conference “Invest Talk Summit”.


The investment threshold for entering the production of cartridges is $7-12 million, depending on whether to buy Turkish or American equipment. The profitability here, according to Borovyk, is very high due to the significant needs of such production. Even if 10 cartridge plants will operate in Ukraine, the need for them will remain.

The next investment option is the production of mines. “The threshold here is from $2 to $10 million, and the production pays for itself in 3-4 months. If you look at how Ramstein works, now a coalition is being formed to deliver a huge number of shells,” he noted.

It is also possible to invest money in the production of drones or components for them. “This can be the production of controllers, motors, and propellers. This is what we can do, and the needs for them are huge,” said Borovyk.

According to the expert, the need for such production will not disappear even after the victory of Ukraine. “Our next huge market is Russia. We will sell products there to all parties, we will help everyone, let them fight among themselves,” predicts the expert.

About “Invest Talk Summit”

On May 27, the Invest Talk Summit investment conference was held, organized by the Ministry of Finance website with the support of the Ministry of Finance Academy and

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Access to the full speech of Valery Borovyk and other Invest Talk Summit participants can be purchased here.

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